Gantt Chart Light Library

Gantt Chart Light Library 4.3

Chart Light Library for contains Gantt Chart related Windows client components
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Gantt Chart Light Library for contains Gantt Chart related Windows® client components, such as task and resource based Gantt Chart controls, with increased runtime performance, standard appearance and behavior customizable settings, task and dependency drag and drop operations, printing and exporting support, etc. Integrate with Visual Studio® development environment; reference documentation is available in Visual Studio® style; supports all .NET languages, including but not limited to C# and Visual Basic® .NET;
Very similar in appearance, behavior, and development related features with the standard DataGrid, and ItemsControl controls; Allow managing task indentation, content, start and finish date and times, completion, assignments strings, predecessors, and expansion values, resource content values, allocation unit values, and bar tool tips, programatically; Use standard DataGridColumn objects within the Columns definition to indicate custom columns to be displayed in the user interface, and the DataTreeGridColumn object to indicate the column to be displayed as a tree view; Use customized Gantt Chart scale headers, such as one or more of the predefined time scales (hours, days, weeks, months, quarters, years) or other user defined time scales, using the Scales property; Show or hide part of week days and/or part of day time in the Gantt Chart, using the Visible{Week|Day}{Start|Finish} properties;

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